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Commissions and Portraits 


Have an idea in your head what you would like? 

Know the colors and style but not quite sure what exactly would suite the room? 

Want a unique gift for someone? 

I do commissions based on clients wishes, these will always be based on consultation so that I can make sure I understand what the client wants (and it fits to my style range, if not, I am happy to recommend other local artists) 

Normally the consultation starts from getting more information on the colour scheme the client is looking for, deciding size and layout. I often also ask pictures of the room so I get a feel of your style and interior. Normally this is followed by a more detailed conversation of the atmosphere the client if looking for.  I always send loads of progress pictures to make sure the client is happy with initial expression, colors and composition.

I will confirm with client that they are happy with the finish piece before full payment. I never request payment if the client is not happy with the finished painting.

(Though I have to say I am yet to have one who wasn't absolutely delighted with their custom made art)

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