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The painting was beautiful and fitted in our living room perfectly. During the painting process everything went smoothly. If in need for a painting, I warmly recommend this place!

Verna, Collector Helsinki, Finland

“We love it, gives us a smile every time we see it. Great work”

Private Collector, Dublin Ireland 


I enjoy a lot the way Kirsi uses colours and tells the story through her art. Her art works are so dreamy. I bought two of her paintings and just love them.

Raisa, Collector, Helsinki, Finland

I think I might take the dancing one too! I really love them!

Private Collector, Tralee, Ireland

I commissioned a piece of art from Kirsi and the piece I got is wonderful with vibrant colours of my choice still leaving Kirsi with artistic freedom.

I could not be happier. It is the crown of my bedroom and makes me happy every morning and evening.

Private Collector, Helsinki, Finland

IMG_20210517_221748 (2).jpg
About Dreams and Time_ 120x 120cm_ Acrylics, Inks and Graphites on Canvas.jpg

Thank you so much Kirsi Salo Art , I love my painting that you did. It is fabulous, I will be back for more, I have a few more walls. You are so talented.

Emer xxxx

The painting I ordered was everything I wanted and more.


Kirsi totally got what I was looking for: the size, colors, the way it was painted, most of all the atmosphere of the painting is amazing.


Thank you


I highly recommend if you wanted a painting just for YOU.

Essi, Collector, Pirkkala, Finland 

Emer, Collector, Limerick, Ireland

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